CES 2010- Cool Stuff

I think someday I’m going to the Consumer Electronics Show, that is as soon as I figure out how to get invited. Its invitation only and you need to be working in the consumer electronics field. In any case, there were some really cool gadgets displayed there.

First of all TV’s will be changing. Some models will be controlled by hand gestures, no more losing the remote control. Example, a flick of the wrist (like turning a dial) will change the channel, while an upward flick will increase the volume. And to be released later this year is the 3D televisions. Actually the best of show product was Panasonic VT25 Series, a 3D capable, HD TV. The 3D portion is achieved by wearing glasses and using stereoscopic 3D effects. Basically the special shutter glasses alternately shut off the left eye and the right eye. At the same time, the TV is alternating images that are intended for either the left eye or the right eye. The viewers’ brain puts together the different images it sees to form the 3D image. And, for the regular view not wearing glasses – the refresh rates is so high that the alternating images are seamless.

In the Gaming world: Microsofts Project Natal – Gesture sensitive gaming (no more remotes). Play Dodge ball where people actually jump to move their characters. Microsoft’s attempt at competing with Nintendo and Wii. It’s an add on peripheral to the Xbox 360. The full body 3D range of motion is detected using an RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone. All I will say is it looks really cool. Go do a search on youtube.com for Project Natal. Let me know what you think, oh and be sure to meet Milo (he can recognize people, voices, emotions and movements).

Here are some other interesting products (Best of CES Awards):
Eye-Fi pro X2 — 8 GB SDHC, holds pictures and uploads to any folder on your computer or on the internet thru wifi.

Motorola BackFlip – google Android cell phone, keypad and display both face out and it flips all the way back so that they both face each other (like a mini laptop)

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid notebook – when closed it looks like a slick laptop running windows 7 then you discover that it’s also a tablet. The display comes off and it’s a touchscreen tablet similar to the Skylight smartbook.

Green category: Tenrehte Tech Picowatt Wifi Smart Plug – Green technology for the home. It’s a Wifi enabled device that you plug some of your appliances into (such as: heater, dishwasher and air conditioner). Now you can control those devices through your computer or a smart phone. You can also connect your home network into this device. The intent is to save money on your utility bill since you can control the appliances being on or off.

Sorry this blog wasn’t posted earlier. There are several very interesting products that were introduced in CES this year. Check them out!


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