Keyboards and Mice… sounds dull – but – maybe Not!

Ok, so here is more than you wanted to know about keyboards and the mouse.

The QWERTY keyboard was designed to be inefficient because if people typed too fast, the typewriter would jam. To alleviate this problem, the keys were arranged so that many words would be typed with only one hand, few words can be typed on the home row and the left hand gets the majority of the work.

The DVORAK keyboard, using a different setup, improves efficiency by at least 70%. The keyboard is designed so that the middle row of keys includes the most common letters. In addition, common letter combinations are positioned in such a way that they can be typed quickly.
see Dvorak keyboard

The computer mouse was invented by Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart from Stanford Research Institute in 1963. It was constructed of wood, metal wheels and 1 button. Oh, it was called the bug – which was then changed to mouse because the cord on the early models resembled the mouse tail. The patent listed the device as “X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System”.

see the wooden mouse:

In 1984, the mouse was delivered to the public with the Apple MacIntosh computer. But, what is the future of the mouse – well. I’m sure the trackball will go away and the optical and wireless will be the standards. Voice recognition may come into play, but also gyroscopic technology will be big. Gyroscopic is the ability to translate wrist movements to the cursor location. We’ve come along way, who knows what the future devices will look like!


All About Me—LOL!

So, you know I started a residential and small business computer repair business in New Jersey.  Remember Star-Tech Services, “Taking Care of All Your Computing Needs”  — OK, OK, no giving in to cheap advertising.   How about a little about me.

I have been in the computing industry for over 20 years.  Yep, I believe you can officially call me a “Geek”.  Anyway, I’ve been in several different industries – including Pharmaceuticals, software development and the consulting industry.   The past 10 years (at 2 different companies) I have been the only technical resource on the site.  So, that would imply that I’ve been responsible (hands on) for all aspects of the data center (hardware/software on servers, network, security, VOIP, end user computing – helpdesk).

Interesting being a department of 1:  I managed myself and the data center.  Ok, I did have a manager – of course, other than company directives and initiatives that I may not have been privy too, I was responsible for setting my goals for the data center and helpdesk support.   I would do things like create/test the disaster recovery program, improve the QA labs, and set the schedule for software/hardware upgrades.  All right, this stuff is a little boring.

The really interesting and sometimes challenging part is when there are problems.  You better have sharp troubleshooting skills and be very resourceful.  Think about it, there is a problem, everyone is waiting on you and there is no one else to bounce ideas off of.  You need broad shoulders, confidence in your abilities and a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt.  I’ve been helped by having solid thinking about what’s best for the computing environment balanced with what’s best for the company, when to take a calculated risk and when to go back to the drawing board.  Think smart, think conservatively and think logical!

How about some fun stuff?  I’m getting a little older now, so I’ve retired from the company and recreational softball teams.  But I do still play volleyball.  In general I’m a sports nut – I’ll watch any sport (at least for a little while).  I am a huge Dallas Cowboy and NY Yankees fan.  I also have been doing Crossfit, a high intensity workout program (check it out:  I’m a member of the Rotary Club and a volunteer at a community theatre.  Oh, and did I mention, I also founded a computer repair business!

Next post will probably be interesting facts about computers:

Ex:  the 1st portable computer was the IBM 5100 invented in 1975, cost between $9000-$20,000, weighed 55lbs  and  RAM (between 16KB-64 KB)

Hello world!


This is Sherri from Star-Tech Services.  It’s our first blog so I thought I’d start by introducing ourselves.  Star-Tech Services provides computer and technical services to residential, non-profit organizations and small businesses.    We provide customizable, personal and quality technical computer support in an affordable, reliable and quick manner.  Our clients will feel that by the end of the service call all their needs have been met.

Our focus is on our customers and we will do what is necessary to make sure they are very happy with our service and customer focus.

We are fully insured and provide our services to central and northern New Jersey.

you can find out more about our business at: or to inquire about our services send an e-mail to:

Our future blogs will be less of the business message and more along the line of interesting  facts, tidbits and news in the computer world.  It may be things like:

An Amd 1400 chip running without a heatsink gets as hot as 370 degrees.

Or, maybe detailed steps about the proper way to clean the inside of your computer (it can get a little scary opening a computer that hasn’t been cleaned in over 5 years!)

Hope our future blogs will be beneficial and interesting… stay tuned